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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Featured Seller: TagsAndButtons & DAMDesigns


(1) Who are you?
I am Danelle, a creative person who can never sit still for very long before I have to start doing something else haha! I love being creative and I’m a 22 year old female.

(2) What is your shop name and how did you come up with it?
Well I have 2 shops. My first shop, DAMdesigns.etsy.com is from my initials. My second shop, Tagsandbuttons.etsy.com, came because I knew I was going to sale buttons and some small paper goods and I wanted something that reflected both, and Tags was the shortest paper good I could think of that I would sale some of.

(3) What do you create and sell?
DAMdesigns is based around my art, so everything in that shop has something to do with my art. Tagsandbuttons offers tons of fun promotions and custom buttons for all your events, gifts and fun needs.

(4) What is your source for inspiration?
Just trying to prove to the people around me that I can be successful. Anytime I have a moment where I don’t feel like doing what I need to do, I just think about the people who think I’m wasting my time, and how I want to prove them wrong.

(5) What is your favorite piece from your shop & why?
From Tagsandbuttons I love the Custom Earrings http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=14063548 I made myself some of the cupcake ones and I love wearing them. Bold and fu. From DAMdesigns I love this keychain http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=9015653

(6) Is running your shop your only job?
As of right now yes. There was some stuff going on so I couldn’t go and get a job out of fear of having to move shortly after. The problems are resolved for now so I’m thinking of looking for a job soon. As much as I love running my shops, I need to make more money lol.

(7) When did you start your business?
I started DAMdesigns in like October 2007. I don’t spend much time in that shop right now so its pretty empty. I started Tagsandbuttons in June this year and I'm very proud of this shop.

(8) How long have you been selling on Etsy?
Since October 2007.

(9) Do you sell outside of Etsy?
Not yet. It is something I will eventually get around to.

(10) What do you like best about Etsy?
I like the community and the fact that I can make friends and not just have a shop and feel alone.

(11) Do you belong to any teams?
Yes! EtsyFriends!

(12) Do you have more than one Etsy shop?
Yes, DAMdesigns and Tagsandbuttons

(13) What do you do to promote your shop(s)?
I think the best kind of promotion is word of mouth. I work really hard to do the best job possible for each customer and hope that they tell someone else about my shop, or just love their stuff!

(14) What do you do in your spare time?
This, and I run a blog that takes up a ton of time ( Loveetsyfeedback.blogspot.com ). I also love reading, and I actually love playing video games.

(15) What is your blog or website url?
Loveetsyfeedback.blogspot.com also I co-run this awesome blog: etsygiveaways.com

(16) Are there any blogs you follow regularly?
http://blackboxreviews.blogspot.com/ and http://nothing-like-it.blogspot.com/

(17) Are there any particular Etsy shops you follow regularly?

(18) Any advice (business, or otherwise) for fellow sellers? Never give up. Even if it seems daunting, like your wasting your time, like your not getting anywhere, that’s the time when you should work harder. It is NOT impossible. I wanted to quit, but then I dug down and I opened Tagsandbuttons. It would have been so sad if I had just stopped I wouldn’t be here anymore.

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