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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Feature On Myself, an example

I figured it would be nice for all of you to get to know me... the girl behind all the features. The best way to do so, I guess, is to answer all the questions I plan to ask the featured shops (: That's only fair right? So here you go... a feature on me.

(1) Who are you? I'm Mannie. I'm twenty-one years young living with my boyfriend and kitten. I'm waiting to be accepted to the University of South Florida and I plan to study Anthropology and Classics. I love to learn.

(2) What is your shop name and how did you come up with it? MannieMandible, a friend of mine gave me the nickname and it just kinda stuck (:

(3) What do you create and sell? I create handmade jewelry and crochet. My jewelry is mostly beaded, and I use sterling silver, gemstones, swarovski crystals, and more. I've only recently added some crohcet work to my shop, and plan to have far more in there soon!

(4) What is your source for inspiration? My Uncle Joe and the rest of my family! My uncle came up with the idea (many, many years ago) of everyone making their gifts for Christmas. I grew up crafting and preparing for presant making all year long! My Uncle Joe has since passed, but my family still holds strong to handmade Christmas gifts. My grandmother was the one to teach me crochet; she's fabulous.

(5) What is your favorite piece from your shop & why? My Wonderland Bracelet. My obsession (other than mermaids) is Alice in Wonderland! I love the books, the movies, everything. When I made this bracelet it just reminded me of Alice. This piece also made it to the front page of etsy, so if it's good enough to make an appearence there, it's good enough to be my favorite (:

(6) Is running your shop your only job? Currently, yes. I moved to the Tampa, FL area this past August. I left home and two great jobs, thinking I could easily find a new job or two here.... not so much. I am a qualified receptionist and barista, it's just NO ONE is hiring. I'm jsut going to "keep on swimming" for now.

(7) When did you start your business? I started years ago making things for family and friends. I started seriously selling on Etsy under my business name in September 2008.

(8) How long have you been selling on Etsy? Since September 2008

(9) Do you sell outside of Etsy? No, but I've looked in to some other venues.

(10) What do you like best about Etsy? I really like the true community feeling. Every seller I have ever spoken to have been wonderful and helpful. I also really join the teams.

(11) Do you belong to any teams? yes, the EtsyFriends! They are a wonderful group of artisans who are super supportive in everything each member does, whether is business or personal (: I am also apart of EtsyU, a team for college Etsians!

(12) Do you have more than one Etsy shop? Nope

(13) What do you do to promote your shop(s)? I play in the Etsy forums quite often, I blog regularly, I participate in my team's promotional deals, I use Twitter, and I hand out my business cards when possible, I network... nothing too unusual.

(14) What do you do in your spare time? What everyone else does... I enjoy cooking, drinking espresso or hot tea, reading, writing, playing with my kitten, spending time with my boyfriend, visiting family, watching old movies, blah blah.

(15) What is your blog or website url? Blog, http://manniemandiblenews.blogspot.com

(16) Are there any blogs you follow regularly? Quite a few... I enjoy my blog reading time. I follow my team member's blogs, a few crochet pattern/tip blogs, and a few random blogs.

(17) Are there any particular Etsy shops you follow regularly? Not particularly... I try to keep track of my team member's shops and I watch the front page of Etsy to find new favorite shops.

(18) Any advice (business, or otherwise) for fellow sellers? In these hard times, my fellow EtsyFriends team members have said it best (and originally from Dori of Finding Nemo)... just keep swimming (:

There you have it! I hope this helps you get to know me a little better, and give you an idea of how the features will be done. Check back soon for a new feature!



KrazyFashion said...

You are such a beautiful person. :)

jozie said...

Featuring yourself is a great idea!

Nathalie Brault said...

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oriental banana said...

I just discovered this blog. What a great idea! Happy New Year, Mannie!